Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sociology IS a Science

Sociology is a deceptive topic. To many, sociology is written off as a science, due to its abstract concepts about societal habits. However, sociology is more fact and research based then one might think.
The main aspect about sociology that makes it a science is the scientific method. As the article states, the scientific method takes eight steps. The steps are as follows: selecting a topic, defining a problem, reviewing the literature, forming a hypothesis, choosing a research method, collecting data, analyzing the results, and distributing the findings.
Along with having steps, sociology is often based on concrete data that is record through polls, surveys, and direct observation. These processes make for very accurate conclusions in the sociological field.
I, personally, would have been in the majority that didn't think sociology is a science, but when I read about the use of the scientific method, which I have become very familiar with in my SCIENCE classes, I realized the error in my opinion.
Heres a kinda funny scientific cartoon I found.


  1. Personally I would have not given it a second thought if someone had told me the sociology is dismissed by the scientific community; however, I now understand that sociology is actually based on fact and research. Many steps are taken before a hypothesis that a sociologist has theorized will be seen as fact or the truth. Sociologist are in many ways a lot like scientists. The create theories, research, gain factual information, undergo studies, and much more when trying to uncover a specific topic. The picture on this blog helped break down the cycle of what sociologists go through. This blog helped me look at soicologists in a new way, looking at them as actual scientists.

  2. I agree that it is scientific. Sociology does use the scientific method and can be used for the study of people. Although i would not agree that there would be a doubt that it is not science, it uses everything that sciences uses.